Hi there. I'm Elly McGuinness
and I want
to win your
20 Week Challenge!
What is the 20 Week Challenge?

The 20 Week Challenge is unique and has helped thousands of men and women to achieve their weight loss goals, and lots more too! Now into its 14th series since it's inception in 2007 this wonderful event continues to grow.

So whether you are chasing more energy, less back pain, want to run 5km or a marathon, overcome an injury, learn to swim, quit smoking, sleep better or learn pole dancing, you need the 20 Week Challenge!

I know from experience that the 20 Week Challenge is an amazing event and, for many, it's a life changing experience!

I know because I've seen it from both sides; first as a PT for many years and, secondly, as a participant (when I won the inaugural 'New Mums' category!)
In 2017 the 20 Week Challenge is going global!
I am proud to say I am the first and one of only three global Personal Trainers (PTs) eligible to provide dedicated ONLINE support for 20 Week Challenge participants who are unable to access a local personal trainer.
I like the sound of this Elly!
Is this you?
You want to be part of a global challenge community
You want a trainer who knows what it's like to be a participant
Your access to PTs is limited and you want to be supported ONLINE
Four great reasons to choose Elly as your PT

I have successfully graduated more than 30 Challenge participants
A winner
In 2014,I was the inaugural winner of the 'New Mums' category
Available Online
My business is dedicated to providing online services meaning I have all the support tools you will need
Published Author
My book 'Burning Fat for Good' was inspired by my clients journeys and all new clients receive a FREE copy
"Elly really does rock!  She has a great way of getting you to achieve results that you never thought you could. She has helped me to realise that weight loss and getting fit and healthy is a journey and that little, consistent changes will reap big rewards."
"I am constantly astounded by her energy, kindness, generosity, patience and spirit! I can honestly say that without her dedication and determination i would not be here today.  She doesn’t push me…. she makes me push myself and that is a huge gift….one that I am eternally grateful for."
"Elly always seems to go above and beyond the call of duty. She was very encouraging and ‘ever present’ with her regular texts – whether it was for the quote of the week or a text challengeShe was totally supportive and said if I was doing the right things I would see results."
"Elly is awesome!! I would never had done what I did well if it wasn’t for her!  Her sessions for the 20 weeks were all different each week and always challenging. She does an amazing job at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone!!"
You're my girl Elly! When do we start?